Color contact lenses Adore Tri-Green

In this image we can see color contact Trendy Tri-tone Green .
You can see the cool effect on the model.
The model in the picture is the instagrammer 93imma

  • Color Contact Lenses: Green
  • Family of Lenses: Trendy Tri-tone
  • Model Eye Color: Green – Hazel
  • Powers available: -16.00 to + 10.00
  • Full Lens Name: Adore Trendy Tri-Green

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in the picture Imma93 wears Adore Tri-Tone Green color contact lenses

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Don’t you think this is her natural eye color? Color contact lenses from family Tri-tone , use a mix of three different tone of the same color in order to appear more natural and to enhance the eye of people wearing them.

All lenses of family Tri-tone give this trendy effects on eyes. Their unique color is based on our System NCis,