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* the final effect of the lenses varies according to the basic natural color of the eye. The photos are only indicative.

Makeup and contact lenses: what to do?

Make up is a girl’s power but often, who wears contact lenses is afraid that the makeup can cause unpleasant problems.  Don’t panic, it’s just important to follow some advices:

– wear contact lenses before makeup

– oriented on makeup for sensitive eyes

– use easily removed mascara: it is not avoids waterproof mascara

– don’t use eye shadows in cream or with glossy, iridescent, metallic or pearly effect.

Let’s go on to discover the perfect ADORE lenses to match with your make up.

… to the gym with Adore contact lenses!

Adore lenses brings you to the gym!

Did you know? Adore contact lenses are perfect to make your look so good while doing your Gym session as well!

5 Adore collections are available with corrective powers from +10 up to -16!

Moreover, Adore lenses are high quality soft lenses that guarantee the best comfort!

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Mountain or beach: don’t miss Adore lenses during your Holidays!

Enjoy your summer time with Adore colored lenses!

Everything ready for your Summer Holidays? Have you packed your bag with all the fashion accessorize ?

If you go to the beach, you’ll bring a glamorous sun hat, a fashion beach bag, a trendy bikini….

If your destination will be the mountain, don’t miss cool sunglasses and fashion sportswear…

But, above all, bring always with you ADORE COLORED LENSES!

No matter where you’ll spend your summer time, you need Adore with you to be always on top!

Adore lenses are super comfortable and if you need special diopter, they are available with corrective powers from -16.00 to +10.00!

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Discover all the comfort of Adore lenses while doing sport!

Do you like to go to the gym or playing sports ? Don’t give up to your beauty, be always awesome also while doing sport!

With Adore you’ll experience all the comfort of contact lenses, available with corrective powers from -16.00 to +10.00!

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Enjoy St. Valentine’s promo and get your romantic Adore contact lenses!

Show a romantic and deep sight at St. Valentine’s day, enjoy the promo by Adore!

How to let him fall in love with you again? Simply showing a charming and romantic sight with Adore! Till 14th February 2018 you can enjoy of a romantic promo: for you € 10 off NOW + love card with an extra discount of € 10(on your next order).

Choose your favorite Adore Cosmetic Contact Lenses colors among 27 amazing nuances… he cannot resist you!

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Wanna give a new light to your sight? Try on Adore contact lenses!

Adore contact lenses are perfect to make your eyes delightful!

Would you like to add something new and fashion to your daily make-up?Adore contact lenses are what you are looking for! The lenses are 3-month-replacement and you can easily choose among 27 amazing colors!

According to the nuance of your daily make-up and mood, you can obtain a Natural, Trendy, Enchanting or Crystalline effect! Run now HERE and discover Adore contact lenses to make your eyes delightful every day!

  • Color Contact Lenses: Bi Hazel
  • Family of Lenses: Natural bi tone
  • Model Eye Color:  brown
  • Powers available: -10.00 to + 16.00
  • Full Lens Name: Adore Natural Bi Hazel

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Get ready for your Autumn, check out a special make-up with Adore!

Your special “Autumn colors make-up” with Adore contact lenses!

It’s almost Autumn and we need to think about how to be simply beautiful with a special make-up during this season. Of course, we don’t forget to wear Adore contact lenses!

Here you have a special make up by  Katelynn Rose showing a red-orange eyeshadow and the unforgettable Natural BI YELLOW contact lenses! It’s simply amazing, isn’t it?

  • Color Contact Lenses: Yellow
  • Family of Lenses: Natural Bi tone
  • Model Eye Color: light hazel
  • Powers available: -16.00 to + 10.00
  • Full Lens Name: Adore Natural Bi yellow

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Prescription colored contacts also in Crystal collection

All collection can satisfy also people who need prescription contacts.

Adore color contact lenses offers a wide range of colour lenses. Also latest collection of colored lenses called Crystal offers a solution for people who need a prescription contact lenses.

Moreover, adore offers also a wide range of powers. in this case, Crystal collection is offered with powers starting from -10 till positive powers +10.

We can see the amazing effects of Crystal color contact lenses in the pic of Milada

  • Color Contact Lenses: Light Grey
  • Family of Lenses: Crystal
  • Model Eye Color: Hazel
  • Powers available: -10.00 to + 10.00
  • Full Lens Name: Adore Crystal Light Grey

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color lenses for your perfect make up

your final add to your perfect make up.

Eyeshadow,  mascara, lipstick and some final make up. Do you feel you still miss something?

Why don’t you follow usthemakeupmaniac and you add a wonderful color to your eyes? She added wonderful color contact lenses Adore Tri-light green and she got this amazing result.

  • Color Contact Lenses: Light Green
  • Family of Lenses: Trendy Tri-tone
  • Model Eye Color: light hazel
  • Powers available: -16.00 to + 10.00
  • Full Lens Name: Adore Trendy Tri-tone Light Green

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