Which Adore collection to choose?

Adore color range offer 27 different nuances divided into 4 collections, but which color is the most suitable for you?

In order to make the right choice, the main question you need to ask yourself is: “which effect I would like to obtain?”

If you are looking for a very natural effect, choose NATURAL BI TONE COLLECTION ! 7 different nuances that, thanks to the mix of two tones, will enhance your natural eyes color, making your look amazing and unique!

Have dark eyes and wanna have a cool and evident effect? Discover TRENDY TRI TONE collection by Adore, 7 fashion colors that, thanks to the mix of three tones, will make your look even more fascinating & glam!

Would you like to intensify your color with an original effect? Thanks to the dark circle around the iris, ENCHANTING DARE collection will make your eyes be even more charming!

If you want to get a very bright look to match up with your exclusive and trendy style, pick CRYSTAL COLLECTION! 6 shining colors that will give your eyes a new sparkling light!

Have fun and discover all collections visiting our e-commerce!

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Wear Adore contact lenses to give some color to your spring time!

Did you know? Through Adore contact lenses you can see the world through 27 different colors! They are divided into 4 different collections: this spring have fun wearing them according to your daily mood or your special event!

Run now HERE and choose your color of the day!

Here you have the effect of Crystal lenses on wonderful @tamarabellis

Color Contact Lenses: Green

Family of Lenses: Crystal

Model Eye Color:  brown

Powers available: -10.00 to + 10.00

Full Lens Name: Adore Crystal green

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Choose Adore grey contact lenses and your dreams will come true!

If you would like to obtain grey eyes, Adore lenses are what you are looking for. Not only 1, but 5 different nuances of grey shades according to your daily mood and the effect you want to get!

Try on Bi grey lenses for a very natural effect; choose Tri grey or tri light grey if you have dark eyes and you desire a trendy effect; go for Dare hazel to get a very deep & enigmatic sight and pick Crystal grey for an eccentric & bright look.

Click HERE and discover all grey colors by Adore to make your wishes come true: 5 different grey color eyes suitable for every occasion!

Here an example of Tri light grey on beautiful @carolinamenezesz

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Wanna give a new light to your sight? Try on Adore contact lenses!

Adore contact lenses are perfect to make your eyes delightful!

Would you like to add something new and fashion to your daily make-up?Adore contact lenses are what you are looking for! The lenses are 3-month-replacement and you can easily choose among 27 amazing colors!

According to the nuance of your daily make-up and mood, you can obtain a Natural, Trendy, Enchanting or Crystalline effect! Run now HERE and discover Adore contact lenses to make your eyes delightful every day!

  • Color Contact Lenses: Bi Hazel
  • Family of Lenses: Natural bi tone
  • Model Eye Color:  brown
  • Powers available: -10.00 to + 16.00
  • Full Lens Name: Adore Natural Bi Hazel

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Get 40% off on your favorite Enchanting dare colored contact lenses !

It’s sales time, you cannot miss Adore’s promo starting from today 12th Jan 2018 to 19th Jan 2018! Check Enchanting dare collection and take advantage of 40% discount!

Choose your best colored contact lenses among 7 stunning colors by Enchanting dare collection, at 40%off!

Need prescription colored contacts? No problem at all, lenses are available with corrective powers from-16 to +10!

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NCis: the secret of Adore to be so wonderfully NATURAL!

Did you know NCis – Natural Color Integration System -? Adore’s secret for the natural effect!

Most of colored contact lenses wearers dream of obteining a new look in a very Natural way,  are you one of them too?

With Adore contact lenses, you’ll get a wonderfully natural look thanks to NCis. What is it? It’s “Natural Color Integration System“, that means a system that mixes your natural eye color with lens color.

All 27 Adore contact lenses have been projected according to NCis, have you already tried them? Click HERE and check out all the Naturalness of ADORE!

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A great news from Adore contact lenses: Fashion SUNGLASSES for your Autumn!

Fashion sunglasses in LIMITED EDITION to be cool & amazing during your Autumn 2017!

Autumn season is here! Hurry up and check out new LIMITED EDITION creation by Adore,  7 FASHION SUNGLASSES to wear to be always on top!

An exclusive idea born to create a precious and sophisticated product, that gives you an always more refined look. Keywords: Italian style, Italian high-quality manufacturing & innovation.

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