Cos’è per noi la bellezza?

Bellezza significa saper esprimere sé stessi mostrando tutte le sfumature della propria personalità. Perché la vera bellezza non ha regole. Soltanto il potere di cambiare quando si vuole. Libera la tua personalità , per saperne di più visita il sito

Pearl Yellow Collection – Adore lenses

The new latest beauty secret by Adore has arrived: Precious Pearl collection is here!

We were waiting for it and now it’s finally out!

Summer is almost here and Adore thought of a new amazing secret to make you be even more attractive during hot season!

We are talking about the new latest creation by Adore: Precious Pearl collection!

But, how many colors does the new collection offer and which is the effect on natural eyes?

Adore Precious Pearl presents 6 new pearlescent and elegant nuances: Pearl grey, Pearl yellow, Pearl blue, Pearl green, Pearl hazel and Pearl white.

All these wonderful shades of cosmetic contact lenses will give you a sophisticated and classy look!

Why to choose Adore Pearl collection? Easy…Your look will gain:




*eternal beauty

You only need to discover new Adore collection clicking HERE! Choose your favorite precious color!

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